Sucre Patisserie, Calgary

Sucre is a French bakery that recently opened up in downtown, Calgary.

Since I was working next to that building, I had the opportunity to try their food and drinks every single day for the week! 😃

If it’s your first time, you’ll be greeted by a proud staff member who says something in the lines of “All our products here are made in our kitchen. Our coffee “Matchstick” comes from Vancouver…”

All the products are nicely presented as shown here:

So here’s what I tried and what I think of them!


Vanilla Latte – They use real vanilla beans and you can see the seeds floating! This was probably the most delicious vanilla latte I’ve had. Although with whole milk, I’d expect the liquid to be a bit thicker (as it was a thinner consistency). This was slightly sweet so you didn’t need to add any additional sugar.

London Fog – My colleague (who generally loves London Fog) said that this was really good as they put vanilla seeds.

Cappucino -The Matchstick coffee is so dark, strong but not bitter! This made the cappuccino so tasty. I’d expect it to be a bit thicker consistency and a bit more frothy though. Nevertheless, it was one of the best cappuccino I’ve had in Calgary!


Almond Croissant/ Butter croissant – This was so buttery and delicious! No complaints.

Caramel Scone – A bit dense with nuts, slightly sweet

Pain au Chocolat – The croissant dough part was not sweet at all (same as the butter croissant). The chocolate was very dark so a tad bitter. Overall, it was an okay pastry for me. I had better elsewhere.

Chocolate Obsession cake – This was a layer of light mousse, with some caramel layer and a little chocolate biscuity layer. Overall, it was a light chocolate cake and not chocolatey to my expectation. I found that the chocolate torte from Gravity Bar in Inglewood was much more dense, and bursting with pure chocolate flavour and smell.

Chocolate/Pecan cookie – This is probably one of the best cookies I’ve ever had. The texture was soft (doughy), with heaps of milk chocolate chunks and some nuts.

Overall, this is a great bakery to visit as there is something for everyone!


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