Dishoom, Kings Cross, London

Dishoom is a Bombay upscale cafe with vintage decor. They’ve a few locations in London, but the one I went to was the Kings Cross location.

My first visit was for dinner on a weekday! Well, I happened to get there at 6:30pm, but there was almost a 2 hour waiting time! My friend (whom I was meeting) brought a big bag of snacks to eat while waiting in the queue. However, the employee at Dishoom eventually recognized that my friend was pregnant and was very kind to let fit 3 of us in after 15 mins of waiting!

So people, if you’re going to Dishoom for dinner, bring snacks and be prepared to wait in line (unless one of you are pregnant; then maybe there’s a chance)! No, they don’t take any bookings for dinner.


We ordered:

  • Okra fries – very unique, lightly spiced and crispy okra!
  • Black dall – so creamy and filling; this is definitely a must! The ultimate comfort food.
  • Chicken tikka – succulent tandoori chicken breast peices
  • Nihari – roasted lamb dish with the option to add lamb brain. This was a big portion but really comforting. This one dish would be enough to fill you up
  • Keema Pau – minced lamb curry with home made bun
  • Chocolate chai – now this had to be the best tea ever!! There was melted dark choc mixed with their regular chai, topped up with frothy milk. Wasn’t too sweet for me, which was a bonus! And didn’t have that powdered or condensed milk smell (I suppose they just used fresh milk). I knew after this that I had to come back again! And I did! With breakfast!


I first ordered a regular chai (cuz I wanted the choc chai for dinner)..this chai was a bit peppery with cardamon taste.

For food, I ordered the Kejriwal (fried eggs on chilli cheese toast). This was a toasted slice of fresh bread topped up with a mixture of cheese, chilli (not spicy), coriander leaves. Broiled well. Then topped up with fried eggs. This was broiled again with some grated cheese on top! It was delicioooous!

Hubby ordered Keema Per Eedu (chicken keema with chicken liver) topped up with runny eggs and crispy thin fries. The keema was a bit spicy, but I personally didn’t find it different compared to standard Indian restaurants. The livers were cut into huge chunks rather than small pieces but it still absorbed the Indian spices.

We also ordered a nan roll (one of Dishoom’s popular breakfast items), but we ordered the egg version (fried eggs in nan).

Overall, Dishoom had a lovely ambiance with a relaxed atmosphere; service was excellent despite how busy they were; food was reasonably priced and quite unique from any other restaurants.  

This is really a great place to catch up with friends or anyone because they don’t kick you out!! Yes….friend and I were talking for about 4-5 hours (even after finishing our food) and yet we didn’t get kicked out! 😄

I’d definitely come here again; especially for the chai!


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