Duck and Waffle, London

This restaurant that’s located in a high story building just off Liverpool street station is not only known for its all day duck and waffle dish, but for its amazing views of London! 

Duck and waffles anyone?

I’ve tried chicken and waffles before (elsewhere)and quite liked the combination! So I thought why not duck and waffles? After all I love each item.. however, I just didn’t know how the maple syrup (that was served with it) would work with those items? I wondered whether this dish was considered a savory item or sweet?


Most of the seats were located near the window; especially where there were table for 2’s and table for 4’s. Therefore, you get a good view of London.  I think that if you’d go in a larger group, you would have to sit in the middle of the restaurant; therefore not having the fantastic views of London.


The menu was basic and reasonably priced. I just went ahead with the most rated dish “duck and waffles”, which was served within 20 mins of ordering!

Duck and waffle – yey or no?

I gotta say that it was the most amazing waffle (non-liège) that I’ve ever had. It was soft (light but moist cake like texture on the inside) and a slight crisp on the outside (well-cooked I must say).

The duck was cooked similar to a porteguese chicken method. Cooked slowly until the meat was superbly tender. The maple syrup was just pure.

Let me tell you how I enjoyed this dish.  I first had the duck with half of the waffle (as a savory item to start with).  Then as a sweet ending, I had the remaining half of the waffle with some maple syrup. Personally I didn’t like the syrup over the duck as I wanted to taste the duck more.

And the views?

Wow, I couldn’t expect anything more!

Would I come here again?

Definitely, yes!!! I’d do it all over again! After all, it’s around £15 for the best waffle dish and an amazing view (as well as the service).


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