My First Ever Visit to  Waitrose Supermarket 

I couldn’t help but write a post about Waitrose; especially since this was the first time I ever went!
Friends and colleagues, back in the days, used to tell me about this “fancy” grocery chain. However, throughout my 20+years of living in the UK, I never actually came across one. If I had to go to one, I’d have to actually make the trip!
As a bigger foodie than before, I decided to go to Waitrose in Westfield, Stratford, London as I was visiting there.

I spent a couple of hours looking at products that I’ve never seen in other grocery chains!
Some things that caught my attention and that I tried:

*Waitrose Greek Yogurt – this was actually made in Greece! So I needed to try the real thing. And I gotta say, it was the best Greek yogurt I’ve ever have (in the UK and North America). Although, a Greek friend long ago, did mention that Greek yogurt from Greece is nothing like what we have in our supermarkets. This one though felt like a dessert: so creamy, naturally sweet, thick..I couldn’t stop moaning to tell you the truth.

* Cartel Sticky Toffee Pudding – Most puddings that I’ve tried were very light, floury and soaked with the syrup. This one was heavy, sticky (had more dates) and very rich. Just few spoonfuls satisfied my craving! I had my pudding with a spoon of clotted cream.

* Rhokett Belgian chocolate cheesecake – this was probably one of the best cheesecakes I’ve had in my life. It was thick but light enough to eat after a heavy meal. There were solid chunks of milk chocolate (slightly crunch and soooo good) and a thin layer of biscuit base

* Green & Black ice cream
– If you’ve heard of Green & Black organic chocolate, Waitrose actually sells their range of ice cream!! I tried the dark chocolate flavour; which was bittersweet, very rich and thick. Although it didn’t feel that milky/creamy; it was more rich in dark chocolate. One little pot of this would got my chocolate and ice cream cravings away!

* Chocolate Torsade
– this had to be the best pastry ever. This is similar to a croissant, but it was a twist of a buttery pastry base with a vanilla paste and semi-sweet chocolate chips. This one in particular was buttery, so moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The choc was bittersweet and extremely rich (compared to M&S which uses a “milkier” chocolate). This was so good that I immediately had to buy another one straight after eating one!

* Yeo Valley Ice cream-
this range was also exclusively sold by Waitrose! I love their yogurt, so I supposed this ice cream would be good! I didn’t get the chance this time; but surely next time I will!

I’d love to try more items next time I make a trip to England and specifically to Waitrose
For anyone who wants a decent dessert, I’m sure you would find something delicious here; better than most other restaurants!


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