Ten Foot Henry, Calgary

I’ve been meaning to go to Ten Foot Henry, especially after hearing that it’s in the top 10 best restaurants in Calgary in 2017 (link)
It was 5pm on Tuesday, when we suddenly decided to go.  However, weirdly as like most restaurants in downtown Calgary, they really had no available seating (except counter seat at 6pm).  We took it.
First we were greeted by the bartender who offered me unlimited free sparkling water!! Yes!! This made me so happy!
The menu was divided into “Vegetables”, “Fish and Meat” and “Pasta”.  Vegetables consisted of about 10-15 dishes, fish/meat about 5 and pasta about 3.
Looking at other tables, I noticed that people ordered vegetables and these were being served, one after another.  Each vegetable dish was shared by a number of people. Pasta and fish/meat weren’t so popular.
So I understood that I was meant to order a few vegetable dishes, but the problem was, my hubby doesn’t really eat vegetables so he ordered potatoes and pasta :/ Yup. So this is what we ordered:
Main dishes:
1) Marinated beets, picked pepper, hummus, dukkah
2) Fried potatoes, lime, herbs, jalapeño, green goddess
3) Yellow fin crudo, chimichurri, sesame, chilli
4) Spaghetti pomodoro
The beets came first. This was cooked as expected, but it was over a very light, creamy, lime hummus, topped up with pickled pepper.  I loved the slight crunch to the beet and the creamy light hummus base, as well as the lime taste.  This was refreshing.
Fried potatoes were very fried because the skin was thick and was almost separated from the potato itself.  I loved the lime-herb creamy sauce, but it wasn’t that spicy.
Yellow fin crudo was similar to sashimi.  The fish was thinner. I felt that the coriander, sesame, and chilli completed this fish.
Spaghetti was fresh, a la dente, but a little on the dry side.  Cheese didn’t melt but was very strong.
My favourite dishes from above were the beets and the yellow fin crudo.
 If you don’t like vegetables or don’t want to try them, then I don’t really see a point in coming here 😃
However, the vegetables aren’t your average type. For example, there was a roasted cauliflower dish on the menu with egg and garlic breadcrumb, which seemed very interesting.  It seems that Ten Foot Henry takes different kind of vegetables and spices it up with other herbs and natural flavours.
We ordered 3 to share.
1) Butterscotch pudding – the most raved about dessert in Calgary (I hear)
2) Raw chocolate truffle
3) Coconut cake
Butterscotch pudding was more like a creme caramel texture (eggy) rather than cake texture (such as sticky toffee pudding).  It was a little sweet, and yes butterscotchy 😀 but it was extremely salty on the top.  The topping was similar to a meringue but it was too salty.  To tell you the truth, I was a bit disappointed.  Maybe it’s the fact it was too salty or that I’m a Brit (high expectations with puddings).
Raw chocolate truffle – I assumed that these would be very chocolatey and rich, especially when it’s “raw” and a “truffle”.  It wasn’t sweet or light/creamy as I assumed truffles were; it had more of a nutty texture.  This was covered in pistachio and chilli flakes, and had a bit of salt.  I could not understand that why was this again more salty than sweet?  I had this with a decaf americano (which was really good!)
Coconut cake was to go.  Cake was very soft and there was a thin layer of coconut buttercream.  This was pretty much average for me.
Ambiance and Service:
It was like a posh cafe atmosphere, lots of plants, wooden floor and surrounding.  There were very few tables and many counter spots.  Service was very prompt and the bartender kept filling my glass with sparkling water! I am sure I drank about 2 litres of it!
Would I come here again?
I would come and try other vegetables. I found it very unique. Great service and relaxing atmosphere.  But I’m sure that my hubby wouldn’t as he wasn’t fond of the pasta.

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