Vancouver 2017

So I went on another foodie trip – but this time, I decided to check out a city close by!
Vancouver has tons of choices when it comes to ramen, sushi, dim sums, belgium waffles and Indian resto.  Having visited Vancouver in the summer of 2016, I was already fond of their local dairy products such as yogurt, milk, fruits and veg 😀 Here’s the link  Vancouver 2016 Food back to my 2016 trip where I wrote about: dairy products, Miku sushi, dim sums at Sun Sui Was Restaurant, Nero Waffle Belgian Bar, Rain or Shine Ice-cream, Lucky Doughnuts, Cafe Medina and Vij’s Indian restaurant.
New places I visited this year:
Thierry Chocolates 
This is a French bakery located in the heart of downtown.  After being a little disappointed with the quality/taste of bakeries in the west of Canada (compared to Montreal), I went into this place with no expectations at all.
Normally, whenever I go to a bakery, I always try something that’s rich in chocolate.  At Thierry, I noticed a small block of chocolate dessert and the description was something in the lines of “meringue, dark chocolate, mousse” etc. It didn’t look appealing, but the description looked interesting. I wasn’t so sure about the meringue part though as I didn’t have to have a crunchy part with the chocolate.  Anyway, I tried it and it was probably the most amazing chocolate dessert ever!  The meringue part was intact a very thin layer, soft and provided the sweetness to the dark chocolate mousse. Covered in rich ganache, this was simply a very dark, amazing quality chocolate dessert.
Beta 5
Located in the middle of an industrial area, these puffs are made fresh when you order. Earl grey flavour was delicious! The filling was too much though and 1 creme puff per person is more than enough! Learn our lesson 😀
This ice-cream is nitrogen based meaning that ice cream is denser, smoother, less airy and less icy than a regular ice cream! I chose the creme brûlée flavour and got the smallest scoop.  However, even that tiniest scoop was hard to finish as it was so dense! I’d definitely have this again though as their flavours are amazing!  I hear they’ll be opening up in YYC soon.
Lupo Italian restaurant
I lovely homely restaurant (yes it’s in a house environment). Very romantic. I ordered the buttery pasta with real truffles on top; and hubby ordered the lamb shank.  Main dish were really good. Desserts were nothing special.  The chocolate torte actually wasn’t chocolatey enough for me 😃
Tasty Indian Bistro
Rated very highly in the Surrey part of BC.  Service was below average.  Received a semi frozen rashmalai dessert.  Curries were average too.
House of Dosa
This was the highlight of the trip! I didn’t think that I’d eat here 3 times in one week! 😀 So far, I’ve only eaten dosas that were partly filled with fillings. These dosas had a lot of filling and the filling was so tasty! I thought the eggplant potato dosa would be filled with mostly potatoes, but it had a fair amount of eggplant in it and was so perfectly spiced! This is one place that I miss!
This was the one of the best meals I had in Vancouver!  Even though their menu was simple, every single item of my meal was just perfect.  I loved the homemade jams (made with local fruits), the turkey sausages (not salty), the roasted vegetables and even tea 😃
Sura Korean restaurant
Huge portions of tasty food. Well worth it.
The Poke Guy 
I’ve had poke bowls in Montreal and Calgary, but I gotta say that this place had the freshest quality fish and ingredients! Their poke was perfect. Definitely the highlight of my trip! (No pic taken)
Must go places (not in any order):
  1. Miku sushi – Sushi
  2. Thierry – Pastries
  3. Sura – Korean
  4. Marutama Ra-men – Ramen (this was the only place where they sold non pork-based broth (i.e. chicken).
  5. House of Dosa – Dosa
  6. Beta 5 – Cream Puffs
  7. Forage – Brunch
  8. Mister – Ice cream
  9. The Poke Guy – Poke
Can go 
  1. Rain or Shine – Ice cream
  2. Lupo – Italian food
  3. Lauderee – Macarons
Not to go
  1. Tasty Indian Bistro

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