About the Belle Foodie!

Ello and welcome to my food blog!!

So just a little bit about myself: I’m British born and raised Bengali girl, now living in Montreal.  I actually didn’t know what the term foodie meant until one day on a flight to the U.K, a passenger told me straight up “wow! You are a foodie!”  How did she end up saying that? I guess she said that because at that time she was thinking to move to Canada from the U.K. Since I was someone who experienced that, she was asking me “How is Canada compared to U.K?”  I guess all I talked about was the food!!! 😀

Since then, I became aware that I  eat out a lot and take pictures of food! Actually 90% of my Facebook photos/status are probably related to food!

I thought about it…I would love to share my reviews about food to you all out there!  After all, researching and trying it all out is time consuming!  I remember the day when I went for a cupcake spree in NYC! I tried a cupcake from every single cupcake bakery in the city!! 😀 I was even chasing famous cupcake trucks (by checking their location out on twitter).

Anyway, I actually enjoy the whole process of criticizing food – hahaJ.  I grew up living above an Indian restaurant (which my parents own in Cornwall, U.K).  I grew up criticizing Indian food 🙂  I was also a baker myself; and later I started trying out different bakeries.

I’m impressed of Montreal because of its wide variety and high quality of bakeries! I’ll tell you more about it later!  Honestly though, when moving here 7 years ago, I was a bit sceptical because I would be missing my Cadbury chocolates, potato waffles, fish and chips and pasties from England.  However, I did not realise until I moved here that Montreal has soooo many good chocolate places, cafes and high quality food!  So I can say, it’s all even or even better:)

Bon Appétit!



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