The BEST places for sweet delicacies in Calgary!!

Having experienced so much choice of sweet baked goods in Montreal, and to some extent, little choice in Calgary; I was really desperate to find out my “go-to” place here.  Now that I’ve finally tried out majority of the bakeries in Calgary, I can proudly share my list of “The Best” places to eat (for sweet delicacies) in Calgary; enjoy!!!
  • Bumpy’s – Muffins – picture
  • Buttermilk Waffles – Waffles – read here
  • Crave Cupcakes – Cupcakes
  • Dove’s Nest – Afternoon tea (scones, pavlova etc) – read more
  • Epiphanie Chocolate – French gourmet chocolates
  • Glamorgan Bakery – Fresh cream cakes, cheese buns, waffle biscuits – read more
  • Monplaisir Delicacies – Macarons and Belgium chocolates (Neuhaus) – read more
  • Rustic Bakery – Cake loaves
  • Sidewalk Citizen – Bakba, bread, sticky buns, other sweet goods – read here and here and here!!
  • Yann Haute Patisserie – Croissants, Almond Croissants, Pain au Chocolat – read more
And to compliment the above, my favourite places to buy loose tea in Calgary are:
  • The Tea Factory – The Royal Earl Grey is the best!
  • David’s Tea – Oolong Supreme and Earl Grey Rooibos are currently my fave

Coconut Chai Latte at The Coup

Once again The Coupe did it for me.. This time I just got a takeout of their popular Coconut Chai Latte. It’s like no other chai latte that I’ve had…I just don’t know how they make something that’s generally  ordinary to something extraordinary!! I only know one other vegetarian restaurant that does this: Prashad Indian vegetarian restaurant in Bradford, U.K.

Nevertheless, I can now officially say that The Coup is my favorite restaurant in Calgary! And my favorite vegetarian non-Indian restaurant! 


New Vegan place at Copperbranch, Montréal 

This is a new vegan place that has recently opened in various locations in Montréal.

We ordered the following:

  • Asian Fusion Powerbowl: that had smoked tofu and vegetables 
  • Burger 
  • Carrot Keftedes 

The Powerbowl was a huge portion. The tofu was very tasty, but everything else was slightly on the raw side and was little cold.  It contained very little seasoning, but it was served with a sauce (which didn’t help that much).

The burger was quite small; so if you’re really hungry, you have to order more food.  This is a quite popular dish here and is meant to taste like meat, but I found the party a bit dry and a little tasteless.

I was told that the Carrot Keftedes was really good. This was sweet but was not cooked, nor raw. It wasn’t that warm either.

Service- very slow, but the sales lady was quite new and she kept apologizing for the delay.

Ambiance – consisted of wooden chairs and a few benches; no music. It’s more of like a subway kind of place but brighter.  However for a “higher than subway price”, I would expect a little more from them.

I wouldn’t come back because of the poor ambiance and the somewhat cold food. I would try other vegan/ vegetarian restaurants in Montréal.


A dopo, Italia!

A dopo, Italia!

Overall, if you go to Italy, you must try the following: Tiramisu, coffee, pizza, gelato, fresh pasta and local seafood! I’ll be back! Ciao!


Burek of the most delicious food I’ve ever had!! This was a beef Burek..basically it’s spicy minced meat wrapped around with freshly home made puff pastry…. Really comforting n fresh food. Only at Gaga’s Pizza, Calgary.



The most freshly baked, delicious muffin that I’ve ever had!! At Bumpys, Calgary


Pizza at Gaga Pizza

Best local pizza and service in Calgary @ Gaga Pizza